Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin is quickly approaching a 1 Trillion dollar market cap. Owning bitcoin could make you very rich in the near future.

More people around the world continue buying bitcoin for its deflationary properties and anti inflationary protection.

As governments print trillions of dollars, bitcoin continues to grow drastically in price. A second stimulus package is coming, meaning the dollar is tanking, bitcoin is rising… Watch the video below..

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Bitcoin has risen 70% since the start of October and is nearly at record highs. It’s more than doubled in price in a year. Ah yes, the boom times are back. The bitcoin fanatics are reappearing after their three year hibernation. Cryptocurrency “experts” will soon be cropping up on cable TV, if they aren’t already.

It was Thanksgiving three years ago that sent the cryptocurrency mania into orbit. Relatives who’d made money from bitcoin passed on the news to other relatives over the turkey, and explained what bitcoin was and how it worked. The other relatives went home and joined in. Bingo.

Start by buying, say, $1,000 worth of bitcoin (or $100, or $100,000, or whatever suits your budget). If it rises, and you start to show a profit, buy a bit more. Each time it rises, and your profit grows, buy a bit more…and a bit more…

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